Defining Mobile Learning

A number of definitions of mobile learning have been proposed with the primary focus shifting from the mobility of the device to the mobility of the student. Developing a comprehensive yet sustainable definition of mobile learning is one challenge that we will face during this research study.  

We welcome all students, educators, researchers and practitioners who visit this site to share your personal definition of mobile learning by completing the short survey below.

Here are some of the definitions that have already been proposed by participants: 

"Flexible, informal, contextual learning with a little device."
"It's a silly term but basically it means learning that can take place anywhere."
"Learning on the go."
"Learning on the go allowing you to access information where ever you are whenever you need."
"Learning on the move."
"Learning wherever I happen to be."
"Poorly understood."
"Using digital devices to access information at non traditional work locations."
"Learning both formal and informal in contexts where the learner is not tethered to a specific location."