Project Team

Project Leader

Dr Helen Farley, Senior Lecturer (Digital Futures), Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland

Helen Farley is currently leading the USQ-led Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project with ANU and UniSA to develop a Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework. She is also the project lead of the OLT-funded from ‘Access to Success’ project which will develop Stand Alone Moodle that will enable electronic access to course materials and activities for those students without internet access. Helen has many years’ experience as an educator in Higher Education and as a researcher of educational technology. Her research interests are focused around the use of mobile technologies and virtual worlds in Higher Education.

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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Angela Murphy, Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland

Angela Murphy is currently working on a three-year USQ-led Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project with ANU and UniSA to develop a Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework. This project will develop resources to support leaders and practitioners implement sustainable and transferable mobile learning initiatives within multiple higher education contexts. Angela has more than eight years’ experience in project management, research design and analysis and has managed a number of large scale projects across multiple industries in the corporate, government and academic sectors.

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PHD Students

Maxine Mitchell, Faculty of Science, University of Southern Queensland

Maxine Mitchell is a PhD student attached to the Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework (MLEF) project as part of the Digital Futures Collaborative Research Network (DF-CRN). Maxine’s PhD topic is “Making higher education professional development authentic in mobile learning contexts”. Maxine has worked in higher education for 16 years in a range of centrally- and faculty-based learning and teaching roles. Her research interests include: professional development models, personal learning networks; designing for learning; and digital scholarship..


Sharon Rees, Faculty of Science, University of Southern Queensland

style="text-align: justify;">Sharon Rees is a PhD student funded through the Digital Futures Collaborative Research Network (DF-CRN) and attached to the CRN project Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework (MLEF). Sharon topic is “Exploring how nurses interact with mobile devices in order to inform the use of mobile learning in continuing nurse education: a grounded theory study”. Sharon has been a registered nurse for 25 years, and has extensive experience in varied nursing roles and nursing education. She has also been involved with numerous research and implementation projects within the sector. Her research interests include: continuing education, technology in healthcare, and aged care.


Kay Lembo, Faculty of Science, University of Southern Queensland

In parallel with her role as National Manager, Program Delivery and Quality Assurance, Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE), Kay is a Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland. She supports national PICSE Science Education Officers and regional teachers and schools in delivering their programs and facilitates outreach and engagement with teachers through professional development in Science Education to enrich and enhance the science curriculum. Kay’s research interests include science education, teacher professional development and science teaching enhancement initiatives.


Project team members - University of Southern Queensland


Dr Brad Carter, Associate Professor (Physics), Faculty of Sciences

Brad Carter teaches and conducts research in physics and astronomy at the University of Southern Queensland. His work is focused on undergraduate science education and postgraduate research training using remote access telescopes and mobile learning, and on research in stellar astronomy and planetary systems. Brad is a member of the Astrophysics Group within USQ's Computational Engineering and Science Research Centre, is the scientist responsible for USQ's Mt Kent Observatory, and has served on various national and international committees in physics and astronomy.


Associate Professor Stijn Dekeyser, Head of Department (Mathematics and Computing),
Faculty of Sciences

Stijn Dekeyser obtained his PhD from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) in 2003 having done research in the area of semi-structured data management. He subsequently took up a lecturing position at the University of Southern Queensland, where he is now heading the Department of Mathematics and Computing. Stijn has published a number of papers on computer science education, having co-developed a system integrating peer-review with automated marking of query language statements.


Dr Warren Midgley, Senior Lecturer (Curriculum and Pedagogy), Faculty of Education

Warren Midgley is the Director of the Capacity Building Research Network at the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. In this capacity, he leads a team of 16 academics engaged in many different projects aimed at enhancing learning and teaching outcomes in schools. His areas of research expertise include the use of ICTs for enhancing learning experiences. Warren has worked on funded projects involving virtual worlds (SecondLife) and Remote Access Laboratory technology for enhancing teaching and learning.

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Dr Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Postdoctoral Research/Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Business and Law

Abdul Hafeez-Baig holds a PhD in the domain of healthcare and information systems from USQ and masters’ degrees in MIS and MBA from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Since joining USQ in 2004, he has published many publications in the domains of health and education regarding technology as well as emerging technologies and learning management systems and teaches information systems concepts to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including MBA students. Abdul also has numerous publications in academic and scholarly journals, and has a vast array of scholarly conference papers, all of which have revolved around the domain of information systems. Abdul has extensive experience in the area of information systems, especially with regards to the healthcare applications, systems analysis and design, adoption, the infusion and diffusion of information technology, M-Learning and E-Commerce, outsourcing, networking, healthcare and information technology, and the re-engineering of business processes.


Dr Michael Lane, Senior Lecturer (Information Systems), Faculty of Business and Law

Michael Lane is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Information Systems in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Southern Queensland. He has a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland. Michael’s research is concentrated in the areas of Information systems education and technology enhanced learning and strategic management of ICT including sustainable use of ICT, the changing role of chief information officer (CIO), information security management, wireless and mobile computing.



Ms Joanne Doyle, Research Proposal and Project Manager, Australian Digital Futures Institute

Joanne Doyle is the Research Proposal and Project Manager for the Australian Digital Futures Institute. Joanne has extensive experience in project management and has worked across a range of sectors including mining, retail, service and education. Prior to joining the Digital Futures Institute, Joanne managed the development and launch of a number of online applications to support business and industry development.  In her current role, Joanne manages Futures Institute projects to ensure research outcomes are achieved within operational constraints. Joanne has a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Management and a Bachelor of Science.


Project team members - Australian National University

Dr Chris Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Chris Johnson was the interim director until December 2012 of the CRN partnership between USQ, Australian National University and the University of South Australia. He was Head of the Department of Computer Science for some 8 years. He is currently the Director of the Academic Board Computer Science, Australian Computer Society. He has been teaching for 29 years.



Project team members - University of South Australia

Professor Andy Koronios, Head of School (Computer and Information Science), Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment

Andy Koronios is the Head of the School of Computer & Information Science, at the University of South Australia. Andy has extensive experience in both commercial and academic environments and has research interests in information management & governance, e-commerce, and the management and strategic exploitation of information as well as the changing role of the IT Leader. Andy has established two University Research Labs and a funded Research Centre and is currently the Director of the Strategic Information Management Research Lab in the Advanced Computer Research Centre.

He is also currently Research Program Leader of the Centre of Integrated Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM) a federally funded centre for system integration in engineering asset management.


Project team members - Multimedia University, Malaysia

Ms Helena Song, Lecturer, Faculty of Creative Multimedia & Visiting Scholar, Australian Digital Futures Institute, USQ

Helena is an academic lecturer and researcher at Multimedia University, Malaysia. She has been an educator in Higher Education for more than 15 years while being actively involved in several research projects in emerging technologies including mobile technology for teaching and learning. Helena has also published and presented her research quite extensively in both international and national conferences, symposiums and seminars.

Helena’s research interests include empowering Children with Autism and their families using mobile technology, utilizing emerging technologies in teaching and learning in Higher Education and creating digital creative space for children with social and developmental disabilities. Helena is currently based at the Australian Digital Futures Institute, USQ, for 6 months as a UNESCO research fellow. She is playing a supportive role in the USQ-led Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project with ANU and UniSA to develop a Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework.